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The Best 5 Christian Gift Ideas For 2024 (Ranked)

Gift shopping for a Christian should be a breeze. You already know their main interest (Jesus) and can start exploring endless gift options. Yet, having endless options doesn't exactly make the search easy. Besides this, the world is constantly shifting. With the rise of on-demand streaming, for example, Christian DVDs are no longer as in demand as they once were. That's why I thought I'd share 5 of the best Christian gift ideas for 2024 to help you with your gift-giving venture.

Without further adieu, here are the 5 best Christian gifts you can buy today, in my opinion:


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1. Christian Clothing

Christian clothing makes the #1 spot on this list of the best Christian gifts for two main reasons: it is both practically and spiritually beneficial. There's no doubt that a Bible is far more spiritually beneficial than a T-shirt. If you know of a Christian who doesn't have a Bible or would greatly benefit from a particular translation or type of Bible (such as a large print, audio Bible or pocket Bible), go for it! However, Bibles didn't make this list because most of our Christian friends likely have Bibles and can be quite specific about the translation and style they go for.

Before moving on, let's explore some pros and cons of Christian clothing:



A) Christian clothing is practical

Biblically, clothing is one of the fundamental needs that we have as humans (1 Timothy 6:8). There's no doubt, therefore, that it's extremely practical. Unlike a pack of cross-shaped mints, they'll serve the recipient well, especially if the clothing is high quality!

B) Christian T-shirts spread the Gospel

There are also tons of spiritual benefits to wearing Christian apparel. First and foremost, the gospel message is advanced. By rocking a Bible verse on your T-shirt, you'll likely inspire some deep thoughts and spiritual conversations with unbelievers you encounter daily. One Christian clothing company found that 1-in-14 customers have led a friend to Christ through conversations that spring-boarded from their T-shirt.

C) Other Christians are encouraged

Christian clothing can be a great blessing to other believers. On several occasions, I've found a Bible reference on a friend's Christian T-shirt or hoodie to be a great encouragement, pointing me to Jesus.

D) Christian clothing inspires confidence

Wearing the message of the gospel helps us to remain unashamed of our Saviour everywhere we go. Our friends will notice God's truth on our T-shirts. Some might laugh, others might ask questions and show interest. Either way, the wearer will be encouraged to grow in courage and boldness.

E) You're spoilt for choice!

There are so many great options out there. Now, I know we began by acknowledging how problematic that can be, but there are solutions. The first is to find local Christian clothing brands that provide quality faith-based apparel. That will limit your options to brands you know and love. Another way is to purchase a gift card, allowing the recipient to choose their favourite T-shirt. Going for a gift card drops all worries about ordering the right T-shirt in the right size at the right time. They choose a tee in their size whenever they like!


Cons (followed by a Solution!)

A) You could choose the wrong size

Imagine gift shopping for a larger man or woman in your local church. Do you go for a 5XL T-shirt and hope for the best? What if they're only 3XL? This works both ways. Most of us have likely been either disappointed or offended when opening a wearable present that doesn't fit.

B) They might not like your choice

Everyone has a unique style and taste. What looks 'unique' to one person, looks 'odd' to another. While one sees Noah's rainbow, another sees the symbol of Pride. No matter how well you think you know someone, there's often a risk that you'll choose 'the wrong one'.

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The Solution 🎉

Go for a gift card provided by a Christian clothing brand you know and love. The Christian T-shirt Gift Card available at 3rd Day is a great option. This allows the recipient to choose the right T-shirt in the right size and guarantees on-time delivery. Since UK delivery is covered (along with delivery to the USA and much of Europe), the recipient won't have a penny to pay when ordering their T-shirt of choice.


A vase with green leaves inside and encouraging words printed onto it, representing Christian kitchenware.

2. Christian Kitchenware

Christian mugs, coasters, teapots & other kitchen accessories are similar to Christian clothing in the purpose they serve. They're handy gifts for everyday use and help to fill the believer's life with God's Word. Their purpose reminds me of Deuteronomy 6:6-9, where God's people were commanded to write God's Word all over their homes and cities.

Let's consider some pros and cons.



A) Christian Kitchenware is practical for everyday use.

Mugs, glasses, plates, utensils and other kitchen accessories are everyday items. Drinking vessels of all kinds are particularly useful, typically being used daily.

B) They encourage spiritual growth during everyday activities

Some might think of eating, drinking and washing the dishes as mundane tasks. Yet in the Bible, we're encouraged to eat, drink and do all things for God's glory (1 Corinthians 10:31). Gifts such as these point believers to Jesus during everyday activities, bringing them back to reality! 

C) They show and proclaim God's truth to guests

Anyone who visits a Christian home (or perhaps I should say the home of a Christian) should be able to notice something of your faith. A Bible verse on the wall or a fridge magnet could be a conversation starter that sparks interest in the gospel.



A) They're a little obvious

Christian mugs aren't the most unique gifts out there. I've received a few in my time. Perhaps you could solve this by selecting something a little more random or choosing a style or design that stands out to you.

B) Most people have kitchenware

Yes, you could choose a super unique product! But it's likely that most people already have all the kitchenware they need. Of course, one more wouldn't hurt anyone. Yet, the lack of necessity could make the gift less appreciated.


A red Christian book titled, 'The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry', representing the third of five Christian Gift Ideas.


3. Christian Books, Devotionals & Bible Study Guides

Christian books, such as devotionals, Bible study guides, novels & more make great gifts because they can have a very real and lasting impact. It's recommended to give books that you have read yourself or at least are familiar with. Let's take a look at some pros and cons of Christian literature:



A) Lives can be transformed for good

Christian books take time to read. During that time, there is a great opportunity for encouragement and deep self-reflection. Readers are often challenged to grow in very specific ways with heaps of invaluable advice. Through the simple reading process, lives can be transformed by God's power.

B) Such a wealth of themes and types available

With hundreds of themes to choose from, it's possible to find a Christian book that is most relevant to the person you're shopping for.

C) They often point to Scripture

Some feel Christian books divert our attention away from God's Word. While this can be the case, many of them do the opposite. Bible study guides and devotionals, in particular, set out to direct our attention to the source of faith, God's word.



A) It can be hard to know what someone else would read

Reading a book can take hours of devotion and weeks of dedication. You'll have to know someone very well to be able to discern the type of book they'll be interested in. The best way around this one could be to go for a Bible study guide through a particular book of Scripture.

B) They could have already bought or read the book

The more highly acclaimed a book is, the more likely it is that the recipient has already come across it. This is a difficult one to avoid. However, with the number of books out there, it shouldn't be hard to find one that they likely haven't got.


Christian Bible verse cards with handwritten Scriptures on cards.

4. Scripture Cards & Pocket Books

Small boxes of cards & pocketbooks filled with (often encouraging) Bible verses have grown in popularity. They're intended for daily memorisation and make an excellent alternative gift to a Bible. Here are some pros and cons of Scripture cards/books.



A) They can be extremely spiritually beneficial

Keeping God's word in your pocket for daily meditation is a great way to grow in faith. Meditation on the Bible throughout the day and night is what helps us to be rooted in God and bear the most fruit (Psalm 1:2-3). A gift like this could help to edify a brother or sister in Christ more than any other.

B) There are so many themes to choose from

You could go for a pocketbook of prayers, a selection of cards on God's Grace or a collection of verses from the Psalms. Perhaps you can find a theme that is particularly beneficial or relevant to the gift recipient.

C) It's highly unique

When was the last time someone bought you a pack of Scripture cards? For most of us, never. It's not the first thing that comes to mind, yet it's an excellent gift idea for Christians of all shapes & sizes!



A) They can be underused or neglected

Unique items can be unique for a reason. If someone has never used Scripture cards before, it may be difficult for them to form a habit of using them. This could make them more of a nice idea than anything else.

B) Not everyone will understand their purpose

While I believe Scripture cards are for memorisation, not everyone will understand them instantly. Without knowing their specific purpose, the recipient could lose interest in them or fail to find a use for them in day-to-day life.


A Christian journal with the words 'Today I'm thankful for', representing the fifth Christian gift idea: Christian journalling accessories and stationary.

5. Christian Journalling Accessories

Christian journals, notebooks and stationery are all great gifts that encourage deep devotionals with God. With everything going digital, these gifts inspire believers to pursue meaningful screen-free time each day. Here are some pros and cons of Christian journalling accessories:



A) They're handy

Journals, notebooks and stationery are all accessories that can be used in a wide variety of ways. This increases the likelihood of them being appreciated and valued by the recipient.

B) They're usually affordable

Yes, Christian gifts can be pretty expensive. But, generally speaking, stationary items are often cheaper than other types of faith-based gifts. 

C) They can encourage time out with God

Prayer diaries and spiritual journals encourage reflective devotionals. These are great opportunities for believers to switch the world off and fully enter reality with God. Fewer and fewer Christians are seeking to slow down in this fast-paced world, so gifts like these could help to bring us back to our senses.



A) Writing accessories aren't as valuable to people in an increasingly digital world

Though these gifts may help to encourage reflective devotionals in a digital-driven world, there is the chance that it won't work. Your friend or loved one could easily let such gifts gather dust as they return to their digital notebook.

B) They can be a little basic.

Mugs remind people of the warm hug of a coffee, a stylish Christian T-shirt could be treasured, but a pen or notebook could be undervalued. We often find them in Christmas crackers and party bags. Unless it's especially cool or high quality, the item could be cheap for a reason.



Having taken a look at 5 of the top Christian gift ideas, there are many to choose from. Ultimately, it will come down to personal preference. If none of these options seem right for your friend or loved one, you could always go for a standard secular gift (such as an edible item, gift card or gift experience) alongside a Christian greetings card. That way, you still encourage the believer whilst providing a gift you think will suit them well.

Whichever you prefer, I hope this helps you in your search for the best Christian gift in 2024.

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