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The UK’s 5 Best Christian Clothing Brands (2024)

There are far fewer Christian clothing brands in the UK than in the USA. So, for years, I've been on the hunt for UK-based Christian T-shirt companies with excellent gospel-centred apparel. As Christians, we don't need to sacrifice style to represent Jesus with our clothing. There are some epic Christian Tees, printed and delivered within the UK. Having searched far and wide, here are (in my opinion) the best UK-based Christian clothing brands:



THE4POINTS are known for one design with four symbols representing the gospel message. This design is available on various Christian clothing items, including T-shirts, hoodies, hats & accessories for adults and children alike. Plus, many items are available in many colours, sizes and styles. Their products are also very affordable (with T-shirts costing just £14) and they offer quantity discounts too! 

THE4POINTS logo with the gospel message represented by four symbols.


  • The main design is gospel-centred.
  • There are very affordable prices.
  • There is a wide variety of products and options.
  • Quantity discounts are available.


  • The print positioning isn't always perfect. The design is occasionally too low or too high.
  • There is a delivery fee of £2.60
  • There are very few design options. Some are outdated with grungy styles that are no longer popular.
  • Their products are not premium, since they prioritise affordability over quality.


4. Cheerfully Given

Cheerfully Given presents Christian Clothing (among other items) from multiple faith-based brands, including Washed in Faith. They offer a generous variety of clothing items for children and adults at reasonable prices (ranging from £10-42). Though they don't offer a ton of Christian T-shirt designs at present, there are some brilliant options. Cheerfully Given is worth a peek. 

The logo of Cheerfully Given, a Christian clothing company.


  • There are some excellent designs.
  • Prices are occasionally very good.
  • There is a wide variety of products and options.
  • Some items come with free delivery.


  • There aren't many items of Christian apparel to choose from.
  • Prices vary from item to item.
  • Delivery costs vary from item to item.


3. Stay Lit Apparel

Stay Lit Apparel claims to offer 'The UK's Largest Selection Of Christian Apparel' and it seems they are correct. They offer a massive range of Christian T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts & accessories (alongside many other gift products). There are tons of colours and messages to choose from! Most of their designs are typographic or text-based, yet many are creative, bold and great for starting gospel conversations. Pricing-wise, their T-shirts start at £23.50 which is quite a lot, especially with additional delivery costs. But if you're willing to spend a few extra bucks, they're a great UK-based option!

The logo of Stay Lit Apparel with a man and woman wearing Christian T-shirts.


  • There is a huge variety of designs and products.
  • There are some excellent Gospel-centred designs.
  • Their Christian clothing seems to be high quality.


  • There is a delivery fee of £2.50.
  • Some designs could give the wrong message (e.g. wearing 'Man of God' or 'Man after God's own heart' could be mistaken for arrogance).
  • Prices vary from item to item.
  • The standard of design varies greatly.


2. Evanwear

Evanwear presents an excellent range of well-designed products. They plan to launch a new catalogue in Easter 2024 and present ‘a full new range of products and designs'. Their clothing is often creative and affordable. They run sales regularly and are an excellent choice for those looking for affordable Christian clothing.

The logo of Evanwear (a Christian apparel brand) with images of people wearing faith-based clothing items.


  • They provide a wide variety of well-designed products.
  • Many of their designs are Bible-based with Scripture verses and biblical references.
  • Their Christian clothing seems to be of a high quality.


  • There is a delivery fee.
  • Not all designs are the same. Their logo often appears on their Christian clothing and is a little chaotic in my opinion.
  • Prices vary from item to item.


1. 3rd Day

Now, I know what you're thinking: It seems a little self-promoting to put 3rd Day first. To be honest, I didn't want to. I eagerly searched every UK-based Christian clothing brand I could find, ready to put another in first position. However, I believe what is lacking in the UK's Christian clothing industry is creative gospel-centred graphic tees. And that's the entire focus of 3rd Day. Evanwear is a very, very close second place! I nearly put Evanwear first and may change my mind in future. However, here's why 3rd Day wins the top spot:

  • With 70 Christian T-shirts & counting, 3rd Day offers the biggest range of Christian graphic T-shirts in the UK. They aren't all text-based designs that could equally be made on Microsoft Word. Many are full graphic tees with eye-catching, conversation-starting designs that point to the Gospel.
  • 3rd Day's Christian T-shirts have recently been upgraded to premium BELLA+CANVAS® tees. They're crafted from incredibly soft (airlume combed and ring-spun) cotton for optimal comfort and durability. The Gildan Softstyle® T-shirts I was previously utilising were very high quality, yet would shrink in the wash. These are made to withstand as many wash cycles as you can throw at them, and endure! Plus, they're true to size and truly unisex (designed for men and women alike)!
  • Free Delivery (to the UK, USA and much of Europe) along with quantity Discounts are on offer all year round! Plus, UK postage for orders that don't qualify for free delivery is only £1.49!
  • All of 3rd Day's faith-based T-shirts are affordably and consistently priced.
  • 3rd Day is a relatively new company (est. 2023) with tons of even better designs planned for 2024 & beyond.

A man and woman wearing Christian T-shirts from 3rd Day with the words: Premium Unisex Christian Clothing


  • There is a wide variety of creative Christian graphic T-shirts with multiple colour options.
  • Many designs are Scripture-based with Bible verses and biblical references.
  • The Christian clothing is highly 'Premium'. These are likely to be some of your favourite tees to wear!
  • All Christian T-shirts are affordable.
  • Free Delivery (to the UK, USA & Europe) and discounts are always on offer!
  • The T-shirts are truly unisex (not men's T-shirts wanting a bigger customer base!)


  • Only T-shirts are available at present.
  • Not all designs are to the same standard, some are "meh" (let's be honest!).
  • There are no non-premium cheaper options.


Here's a sneak peek preview of 3rd Day's premium Christian apparel: 


Wrapping things up...

While there are tons of Christian clothing brands out there, the UK hasn't got many. Perhaps this is because Christian clothing isn't as popular among British believers in Jesus. Well, maybe if we do a better job, they will be. So, I'm calling all Christian fashion brands out there to step up to the challenge and make some waves!


God bless.

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